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The majority of schools in the US have started already, though most within the UK have not, so considering i begin school in almost a week, i thought this would be an appropriate topic to post about.

So as dreaded school is closely approaching, here is how to be, and remain prepared, not only during the start of school, but throughout the whole year…

Have a scheduled night routine/time you go to sleep

This first step can be extremely hard to complete and maintain, especially when coming to an end of the summer break, however during the last week of the summer, take this time at night to get your body back into a habit of going to sleep and waking up at a certain time.
I personally make sure im asleep at 10pm at the latest, then wake up around 7am, This works for me, but you can use times that work for you and your school schedule. This step allows you and your body to feel refreshed and actually somewhat ready, for the start of a new school year, this will benefit you and have a good impact on how you feel!

Prepare for future studying/school work

Things that help with this step:

  • Revision folder
  • Index cards
  • Coloured pens/highlighters
    – Find out what helps you to revise and remember information
  • Ask teachers about upcoming exams or any work you’re struggling on

Okay, so halfway through my last school year, i came across a part of me that decided to like studying?? I know, don’t ask. I wasn’t at it every night or being crazy about it, but i just didn’t mind revising, and this was all due to making it look neat…
You’re probably thinking, “how is this information going to help me prepare for school work?”, but you see, i discovered through studying that highlighters and coloured pens, making my revision look neat, made me revise and remember more!

You can try this out, and see what works for you! I like to finish my revision notes then put them in designated plastic wallets, then i put them in a revision folder, keeping them all together so they aren’t literally everywhere!
Anyway, this step i would say is a must, it helped me immensely and be prepared for exams.

Taking notes

Starting the very first day you’re back at school, bring a small note book and in every class just bullet point little notes and topic names you need to cover, anything you find of importance! Taking notes during class helps you stay organised with work, this way you can go home, have a look at your notes and revise from them. Even if you don’t revise from them that exact day, they are still there for you to look back on!

(Do check that taking notes is allowed before putting this step into action as i know some schools do not allow you to take notes, it sounds almost too pathetic to even believe, but it’s true, it depends on the school, and sometimes the teachers!)

Have goals set

Preparing any goals you want to achieve during the school year will help you get your mind set on your targets. This helps as when classes begin, you are prepared and manage to focus more easily, on both the work and your goals.
I think this factor helps a lot for the many people who really dislike school, as you might not want revise work initially, but you will still be focusing on school and the goals you’ve set.

Don’t overwork yourself

During the start of school, yes it is important to get back into the school routine and getting your mind back on track. But you have to remember to take it easy as grades aren’t the most important thing in the world, remember not to overwork yourself at the start or at any point during the school year. Exams are hard and stressful, and some teachers can be tuff, though take your time, apply these steps, and you’ll be prepared for the start of school!

Until next time,,

Amber xo

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Recently, i finished reading the book Call Me By Your Name, one of my goals this summer was to read many books, so i decided to read this one as my first pick. I’ve been longing to read this book for months now, and as i’ve finished it, here is my review…


It’s the summer of 1983, and precocious 17-year-old Elio Perlman is spending the days with his family at their 17th-century villa in Lombardy, Italy. He soon meets Oliver, a handsome doctoral student who’s working as an intern for Elio’s father. Amid the sun-drenched splendor of their surroundings, Elio and Oliver discover the heady beauty of awakening desire over the course of a summer that will alter their lives forever.


  • Poetic language

Throughout the whole book there is an uncountable amount of poetic language. André Aciman has a talent for this and it personally really stood out to me while reading, it was a beautiful factor and really contributed to the atmosphere of the book.

  • Focus on specific characters

I also noticed that during each scene, different characters were focused on. Throughout the book it was obviously mainly Elio and Oliver however, i noticed that when any other character was introduced or in scene, they were in the scene for just the right amount of time and it didn’t feel like they were out of place. (Which you get with quite a few books)

  • The setting

Now, the setting was one of my favourite things about this book. I’ve never visited Italy, but reading this made me want to visit! The scenery described set the atmosphere and truly created a beatiful scene for the readers to imagine, this factor had help from the poetic language too, though the setting is described with just the right amount and is feautured throughout the whole book.

  • The end

Some may dislike the ending, while other may love it, i didn’t have a problem with the ending at all, however this changed as soon as i watched the film. Throughout watching the film i kept saying to myself “It’s okay, the ending makes everything fine kind of” … until comes the end?

Is that it? Really? The book’s ending was so much better, so there’s a heads up incase you want to watch the film.

  • Imagery

For me, a good book has to have good imagery, i think it is important for me as a reader to be able to envision the surroundings and things that are described within that specific book i’m reading. This book honestly had great imagery, the dialogue in book helps create the image and atmosphere, though this also ties in with a negegative…


  • Too much Imagery

Okay, so i know i just listed imagery as a good factor, though this is a little different. There are just certain scenes in this book that you just don’t want to imagine. Seriously, just vile scenes that i question why were they even included in the book?

  • Dialogue

I am a type of reader who can get bored really easily (especially if there is no imagery) But this book has a lot of dialogue, and i mean a lot, some may say even too much. It gets to a point when you just sort of ask yourself “Is this scene nearly over already?” Many book lovers actually like a lot of dialogue and enjoy reading it in depth, though i like a little action dialogue in books, and this just didn’t seem to have any.

  • Confusion

Confusion was a big factor for me, there was just many occasions when i just had no idea what was happening, or where they were, i often had to re-read a certain amount to get back on track. This could just be me, but i found it really distracting when you just want to sit down and read but you’re having to flick back so many pages just to get to terms with what’s happening…

  • Unhealthy obsessions

Now this was a big problem, and i’ve noticed other readers had this concern also. Elio specifically, had many unhealthy obsessions, there is a difference between really liking someone and then, Elio really liking someone. Elio is portrayed as a really obsessive character and his actions and thoughts can be quite disturbing at times. So much so i found myself skimming certain parts because it just got too unnecessary.

Oliver on the other hand, wasn’t obsessive, but was just really on-and-off with him feelings towards the situations. He would go from ignoring Elio, to flirting, to barely speaking, to having a cold attitude, flirting with other characters, the list continues. His arrogant character i think is also portrayed a lot older than he actually is, as the way he acts makes him appear in his 30s while he is only 24!


In conclusion, i don’t think i would recommend this book, i really enjoyed the read and don’t hate it, though i think some of the scenes are just too vile to even promt another person to read this book, despite the poetic language and imagery. Out of 10, i would rate Call Me By Your Name a solid 5.5/10. I’m a little disappointed to rate it this low, though i couldn’t see myself rating it any higher.

Have you read Call Me By Your Name? Or are you thinking of reading it?
Let me know your in the comments below!

Until next time,,

Amber xo

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Pride rainbow eyeshadow look,

Every August my town has a Pride festival and it is approaching this week. I though i would create a look and write it up to share with you guys.
I haven’t been posting for quite a while for multiple of reasons, however things are looking up and it seems that everything is back on track. Without further ado, lets get straight into it!

  1. Before i started applying any makeup, i moisturised my face using the Ziaja masio kakaowe cream, applying it lightly and evenly.
  2. This is a Polish product which make your skin feel AMAZING! It provides the skin with valuable nutrients, moisturising the skin and preventing excessive loss of water. Also, if you use this regularly, it restores the appearance of your skin and visibly improves it’s colour.
  3. Next, i concealed my face with Collection’s forever lasting concealer in the shade ivory.
  4. Starting with the eyeshadow, on the outer of my lid on my right eye, i used my Harry Potter wand brushes for all the eyeshadow i applied in this look. Firstly i dived into the Shade Merlin from the Wizardy and Witchcraft eyeshadow pallet and created a solid blue colour, covering a third of my lid.
  5. Next to the solid blue, in the middle of my lid i then used the shade Potions from the same pallet, this is a green shade and after applying this, i blended the two together.
  6. Then, finally on the inner corner of my right is, i used a different rainbow pallet which sadly has no visible brand name on it. I used a lighter green colour and blended it gently into the darker green.
  7. Underneath the right eye, i completed the same pattern again though as a thinner line.
  8. Moving onto the left eye, on the outer corner i used a solid amount of the shade Broomstick and Sorcerer together, creating a deep red, both also from the Wizardry and Witchcraft pallet – using the same technique as the right eye – covering a third of my left lid.
  9. Next, i applied a pigminted orange shade from the rainbow pallet and covered another third of my left lid, in the centre. Following this step by lightly blending the colours together.
  10. After this, i used a pigminted yellow shade for the last thirst of my lid so my lid goes through from red, to orange, through to yellow. Again, blending them all together, lightly and gently.
  11. Next, i completed the same pattern again underneeth my left eye with the same colours, creating a thinner lin underneath.
  12. Afterwards, i applied a generous amount of Primark velvet finish foundation, in the shade Porcelain, from the inner corner of my eye to the centre, then blending it out gradually. I then did this on the opposite eye.~
  13. I then went over the foundation with my Collection forever lasting concealer to make it more of a solid colour, then setting the foundation with Collection’s pressed powder, shade ivory. This is so the foundation doesn’t ruin the eyeshadow.
  14. Following this step, i then completed a full winged liner on both of the eyes using the Soap and Glory super cat liquid black eyeliner pen.
  15. Next i simply curled my lashed using a eyelash curler and applied my w7 Soufflé mascara. (I personally don’t like wearing lashes so if you wanted the look to pop more, you could definitly use fake lashes, whatever your preference is)
  16. To then finish the eyes, i took a glittery white eyeshadow from the Make ME Beautiful, Next pallet and applied on my inner eye, this making the eyeshadows pop!

Completing the whole look, i finished it off by neatening up my brows with the Revolution Focus + Fix brow kit and the brow pomade, applying a signature red lip!

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to comment what your thoughts were!

Until next time,,

Amber xo



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London: Hamilton

On Saturday the 31st of March, i travelled down South: London, to see one of my favourite musicals of all time.
I travelled by train from my local station and the journey took nearly two hours, it was safe to say that i was extremely excited and could not wait for the evening as we had booked our tickets to see the evening show.

Considering the fact that Hamilton is a very well known musical, booking the tickets was not a pleasant experience … there was a lot of stress!

I remember being at school and my sister was at home, she was trying to book the tickets but her laptop was being laggy. It was truly heartbreaking, having the feeling that the opportunity of seeing your favourite musical, that you thought would never be performed in your country, was slipping right through your fingers.
My sister thankfully switched to my laptop and managed to scrape some last seats, she immediately rang me and said, quotation: “We’re going to be in the room where it happens!” (sorry for the cringey Hamilton reference), but it was true! The tickets were booked a good year and 3 months before the show but this didn’t stop me from counting down 🙂

I stayed in London for one night, it was in a Premier Inn settled across the road from an underground, this was extremely convenient and saved a lot of walking and time trying to find the nearest station.

I visited a few tourist attractions like museums and I definelty walked a lot…

Although i initially went to London to see Hamilton, while you’re there you automatically experience different things: Contact with people, food, weather…

We ate typical British foods and visited a typical British pub … Weatherspoons, there was no disappointment however, the weather was not very pleasant, this was simply because it rained and was cold the majority of the time, though this is usually expected in England so i’m not sure what i was expecting to be quite honest. Especially since i’ve visted London quite a few times.

The social experience was interesting, as someone who was born and lives in the North of England, Yorkshire, i’m used to people being very friendly and social, greeting each other in the street and basically openly talking to anyone they see… this however, is not the case down South. I cant speak for the whole of the South of England, or even the whole of London, though my experience in the centre of London was not very – umm – welcoming?
People literally walk with their heads down, they didn’t seem to talk to anyone and each encounter i had was almost weird. It could just be me, but i don’t hold anything against people from London from this experience, just to make that clear aha!

What is Hamilton?

Hamilton is originally a Broadway musical created by Lin Manuel Miranda, the musical was released in 2015 and initially took 7 years to write.
It follows the remarkable life story of an immigrant, Alexander Hamilton who rose from poverty to make a name for himself and declair his name in history. He became a founding father of the United States while also acheiving the status of George Washington’s right hand man.
The musical also covers and includes dramatic highs and lows, taking in revolution, a sex scandal, blackmail and death in a duel at the hands of the US Vice – President.

Hamilton The Musical: West End

We entered the Victoria Palace Theatre that has recently just been finished being refurbished and it looked beautiful! I was simply speechless once i was inside, we waited until we could get to our seats. As we sat in our seats, we realised we couldn’t of had a better better view, we were almost at the centre near the top row, up in the heavens. Crowds of people found their seats while the theatre was conpact with pepole and noise.

We couldn’t hold in our excitement once the lights were dimmed, the announcements were finished, and the first notes of the opening song started…

Did i meet any of the cast?


All the cast that i was able to meet were extremly kind and friendly, they weren’t hasty and rude considering they had just performed for hours and would of been rather tired, they signed peope’s programmes and politely had a photo with them.

Sadly, i didn’t meet Jamael (Hamilton), Rachelle Ann Go (Eliza), Rachel John (Angelica), Christine Allado (Peggy/Maria), Cleve September (John/Philip) or Giles Terera (Burr) …

But was very lucky to have been able to meet Tarinn Callender (Hercules), Alternate John Laurens, Michael Jibson (King George), Jason Pennycooke (Lafayette) and Leslie Bowman (Charles Lee).

What did i think overall?

My life is changed.

Seriously, i adore a lot of musicals, though Hamilton has always had a special place in my heart, simply due to the fact that it’s the first musical i ever really payed much attention to and it’s the one musical that got me into theatre.
I cried maybe 3 times? And 3 times wasn’t enough, not just because it was sad but because the musical is just simply a peice of art.
I will forever be immensely grateful for the fact that i was lucky to enough to see the musical, and that others didn’t get there in time to get tickets, i wish there was a way for everybody to view this life changing musical, really, it can change lives!

But if you can’t manage to get tickets and see the show, i definetly recommend purchasing the soundtrack, whether you love musicals or have no idea what Hamilton was until now, go and get this album and experience something amazing!

Until next time,,

Amber xo


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LUSH Review: Dream Cream

Before i get into the review, i would like to claim that i have never done a review before, so sorry in advance. I’ve never known what to say, all i’ve known to write about is what i thought about the product, though that is simply what it really is, however i tend to over think it and wonder what other details or information i can include…
I have initially decided to do a review as this cream has sincerely changed my life 🙂

What is Dream Cream?

LUSH’s Dream Cream is a vegan product, it’s a hand and body lotion which has ‘an elegant,simple formula’ designed for sensitive skin. The cream is made with fresh ingredients such as:

Oat Milk, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rose Water, Glycerine, Fair-trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Tincture of Benzoin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Citronellol, *Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Perfume.*Occurs naturally in essential oils

You can easily access Dream Cream from none other than your local LUSH store, i would definetly say that this cream is rather original and is not like your average body lotion you get from a supermarket,, the consistency is neither thin or thick though is truely complimentry on your skin and thankfully isn’t greasy or takes a long time to dry.

How much is it?

The cream comes in a range of 3 sizes:
There is a small size of 100g for £6.95
A medium size of 240g at £13.95
Or a large size for £22.95
(I got a medium pot and the product lasts for ages, even when applying daily)

What made me buy it?

The dream cream is known to treat eczema and sensitive skin, i found this out when i saw a woman’s video review on Facebook, her baby had severe eczema and they were finding it hard to control. She said that since using LUSH’s Dream Cream for 1 week only, her baby’s eczema had improved immensely, this suprised me a lot!

I’ve always personally found my eczema hard to control and i’ve never found anything that helps it throughout my whole 16 years of having it … though by seeing her baby and how much it had improved, i knew i had to get my hands on this stuff.
A couple of days later when i managed to get to my local LUSH store, i was devastated to be told that the video had gone viral on Facebook and all LUSH stores across the UK had been running out of stock, though thankfully i managed to order some in and i got the cream before i knew it.
And lets just say, i was NOT disappointed!

How did the cream help my eczema?

My eczema when i was younger wasn’t too bad, it only occured during the change in season and in different places on my body, however since i’ve grown older, it had become much worse.
The eczema’s pattern changed and i got it all year round, the eczema would appear at the drop or rise in room temperature, whether i had contact with dust, to using different types of soaps. Not only was it a nightmare but it was extremly painful and it burned, my eczema made me extremely selfconcious and i hid my hands the majoirty of the time because it was embarrasing.
None of my doctors perscriptions worked and neither did the creams from multiple pharmicies.

Would you recommend LUSH’s Dream Cream?

Since my first use of LUSH’s Dream Cream, i now swear by it. So yes! I definetly recommend this item and LUSH have personally not let me down, if you are reading this and suffer from sensitive skin or eczema too, then seriously stop wasting your time and go buy this cream! It’s worth every penny!

Until next time,,

Amber xo


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How To: Communicate In France As A Begginer

Doncaster, England > Bénodet, France

Around 18 months ago, i travelled from Northern England, Doncaster (my home town) to Plymouth, which is almost right at the bottom of the country, then caught a ferry over to France and travelled down through the country (the beautiful scenery was greatly appreciated, despite being extremely tired) and finally arrived at our destination of Benodet.

This was my first time visiting France and i knew a very limited amount of the French language, however i seemed fluent compared to my mum, she just- … let’s not even go there.

I was aware that most/many French people understand and could converse in English, of course differing depending on the person, so initially i didn’t have to worry about the language barrier as there wasn’t necessarily one there to begin with.
Though I’ve always found with every country i visit, a sense of guilt that buries me due to the fact that most people who aren’t native English speakers, grow up “having” to learn English purely because it’s one of the if not the most common language spoken across the world. With being a native English speaker i feel guilty not having to learn English, i personally feel lazy that we don’t have to learn a language as harshly as others have to learn English.

I’m surely rambling, i know, but despite my opinion on learning English for non native speakers and whatnot, i do understand that many people are passionate about learning languages and some don’t see a problem with learning English at all.

Throughout my stay in France, i faced many situations in which i could have had the opportunity to speak in French:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants/cafes
  • My campsite
  • Carrefour (a common supermarket in France – very similar to Tesco/Asda in the UK)

However i only conversed a few times in French as i felt extremely anxious and nervous before i was about to speak, this was mainly due to never speaking to a French person in French before, I’d only ever spoken English.

(The only time I’d spoken a different language was in Spain once when I was much younger ordering a fanta Orange…)

I had to plan what i was about to say before speaking in french, i find this a personal thing and that it’s not the same for everyone. I had to really repeat what i was going to say to make sure i had it down so i didn’t mess up! (I’m sure i definitely did though)

Anxiety flooded my mind while i continuously told myself “It’ll be good practise for your GCSEs”, you wouldn’t have thought this wouldn’t have worked, but it did! Not a lot, but it did the job.

Initial communication

I first conversed in French when i was with my sister and we were about to order a snack on the promenade. From our campsite, it was around a pleasant 20-30 minute walk down through beautiful scenery to the promanade, there were shops that linked together while 20 yards away were a couple of stalls that offered chilled cans of pop and a variety of other beverages.They also sold different food like baguettes, sandwhiches, crepes and fries…

My sister ordered while i stood back repeating in my head what i would say, i simply just wanted some fries so i knew it wouldn’t be too hard to order, it was just being mentally prepared for the judgment and possibly facing a situation of disaster incase they understood 0% of what i was trying to say.

I remember soon enough ordering and i said “je voudrais des frites s’il vous plait” … simple! The person who took my order had quite a still face but acted as though she understood what i said quite well. Past me at this point was pretty proud of myself and was very relieved, though present me realises that it really wasn’t a big deal and there’s a lot harder things to say in french aha … hey but who am i to burst my past self’s bubble! 😉

FYI – The fries i ordered must be the best fries i’ve ever ordered to this day! They cost only 1:50€ and were that good, my sister and i walked down to the promenade the next day merely just for the purpose so i could get some again, i also threw a fanta in there too the second time we went, here’s a picture of me eating them sat on the beach – sorry for the bad quality …

Having ordered previously in french, though it was minimal use, it gave me a little (and i mean a little) more confidence to order something else. At this point I thought the more practise the better. I found this opportunity when my sister and i came across a cute, non crowded ice cream parlour which served way too many adventurous ice cream flavours. Thankfully, they had vanilla, my favourite, and me being me i chose the so called boring flavour. The woman who took my order was very polite and friendly, however my experience ordering my ice cream in French just seemed really awkward, very different from my previous experience. 😦 Maybe it was my pronunciation, me being misheard, I’ll never know.

This definitely made me self conscious during this situation and when i had planned to speak more french, i dwelled on what went wrong but ended up just brushing it off my shoulders haha.

There is a common supermarket in France called Carrefour, it’s often compared to Tesco/Asda in the UK, it’s a large supermarket which basically sells so much for quite cheap. I really enjoyed visiting Carrefour and using my knowledge on the french vocabulary to find what i needed, i helped my mum who was struggling with what things meant while i fetched her the correct foods. As for the French people, some people either avoided us as we spoke English or was just minding their own business thinking nothing of it, whereas others looked at us confused, as though they didn’t understand what we were saying, which they may of not.

Would I communicate in French again?

More specifically, I’m France?

Would i converse in French again? Yes, i would, regarding the fact that i’m older now and would hopefully take the opportunity to explore the French language more and learn from the experience, and also regarding the fact that i’m currently studying a much harder level of GCSE French in school so i’d hope it would benefit me. When i went to France 18 months ago, i wasn’t studying French vocabulary seriously so my knowledge on the language was very limited, i’m still not an expert of course, though i feel i’d be more confident to be in that situation now where i would have to talk in French.

Now would i recommend talking in French to a French person or in France? Sure! Whether it’s to boost your confidence, for educational reasons or even if it’s just for the experience. I think it’s appreciated when speaking to a non native English speaker and you try to converse in their language.
(Even though i recommend it, i will say it may be easier to talk in English and that English is usually a safe alternative if all else fails when trying to talk to someone in a different language)

Have you had any good or bad experiences when talking to a French person with limited skills with the language?

Or are you also a French GCSE student who is curious on what it’s like when talking one on one in French/France? Let me know!

Until next time,,

Amber xo


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“There’s A First Time For Everything”


I’ve often been intruiged into what blogging was all about.

Nowadays it’s all about vlogging and uploading regularly to YouTube to satisfy a certain amount of subscribers, not that i disagree with this format of self expression, though i personally view that blogging has its own personal meaning to the writer and each blog post means something significantly different to each individual reader…

What is MaViePetite?

The phrase “There’s a first time for everything” crops up a lot in our lives, and it’s a true statement! I’ve decided (after a lot of persuasion from my sister) to create my own blog. I currently and frequently journal in books though I’d like to broaden my writing to blogging as journaling falls, in my opinion, under a large spectrum which should be ventured by many 🙂

You may or may not be wondering what i will post about on here, well i am planning on posting about personal experiences and things that i am passionate about. That includes: Musicals (reviews), Fashion, Society and much more…
Although i have a “plan” on what i would like to post about, i also initially want to simply upload whatever i want, i want maviepetite (My Little Life) to merely cover different aspects that feature in my life and society as some form of a memory for myself in the future, despite hoping that what i will write about will interest some of you and possibly intruige some of you to create your own blog! 🙂

Behind the screen

My name is Amber, Amber Rose. I’m 15 years old and live in the historical country of England. (More Northern to be precise aha)

I honestly don’t know what to include about myself, will it be too personal? Setting that aside, I’m currently preparing for my GCSEs within school and I participate in my school’s netball team as the Wing Attack. I proudly own the cutest long haired Chihuahua in the world and his name is Lewis (Weird name for a dog, I know, but it suits him far too well)

I was born in the month of October and i am also a Libra, my favourite seasonal holiday must be Christmas as i have many cherishable memories from this holiday, while i too favour summer as this allows me to explore and travel with friends and family.

I enjoy reading various genres of books, one of which, i adore the series Harry Potter. (I’m on the 5th book and FYI … I’m a Slytherin)
I also enjoy musical theatre, some of my favourite musicals are Hamilton, Legally Blonde and Heathers. I have an unhealthy obsession for musicals so lets leave my list there… I could include a lot more about myself and this blog though i’d like to save it for future blog posts, i thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with this first post and hope to write again soon enough.

Until next time,,

Amber xo